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  1. Are distribution arresters routine tested?

  2. Are distribution arresters serialized?

  3. Are PCORE bushings seismically rated?

  4. Are PCORE bushings Transformer / Breaker Interchangeable (TBI)?

  5. Are the toughened glass bell suspension insulators subjected to any type of thermal testing?

  6. Are there any restrictions on how to attach the ground lead connection?

  7. Are there any unique installation requirements for the Type QH and Type STH fuse links?

  8. Are there special applications for the Type QH and Type STH fuse links?

  9. Can all of the Substation Connectors be Quick Shipped?

  10. Can automatic splices be used in slack span applications?

  11. Can CHANCE® fuse links withstand 150% of their rating continuously?

  12. Can contaminants stick to Reliaguards and cause cracking?

  13. Can cutouts be used anywhere on an electric distribution system?

  14. Can Greenjacket Guards be installed on energized equipment?

  15. Can Greenjacket protect equipment at higher voltages than 38kv?

  16. Can I use a 27kV 150 kV BIL cutout on a 34.5 kV system?

  17. Can I use a 65 A rated fuse link in a 200 A rated fuse holder?

  18. Can I use CHANCE® fuse holders in the S&C cutout mounting assemblies?

  19. Can I use the CHANCE Type QH and Type STH fuse links in 200A fuse holders?

  20. Can material be expedited?

  21. Can these products be submersed in water?

  22. Can we replace our 100 A rated fuse holder with the 300 A solid blade?

  23. Can we use Reliaguards above 38kv?

  24. Can you IR scan through the solid?

  25. Can you use a bronze connector with aluminum conductor?

  26. Do CHANCE voltage detectors, phasing sets, and other testing equipment need to be used with a hotstick?

  27. Do CHANCE® cutouts have bone fiber as the arc quenching material?

  28. Do elbows last as long as the cable?

  29. Do Hubbell cable accessories mate up with its competitor’s cable accessories?

  30. Do we still have a Hubbell Power Systems only brand site?

  31. Do you also offer pads with 2 holes?

  32. Do you supply mounting hardware with Quadri*Sil line post insulators?

  33. Does CHANCE have a list of repair centers for hot line tools?

  34. Does CHANCE make a hotstick for a specific system voltage?

  35. Does CHANCE make rubber gloves for a specific system voltage?

  36. Does CHANCE make temporary grounding sets for specific system voltages?

  37. Does CHANCE® make a Dual Vent cutout?

  38. Does CHANCE® make a Fuse Link specifically for Transformer Protection?

  39. Does Greenjacket cover-up affect the temperature rise of the equipment to which it is applied?

  40. Does GreyEEL burn?

  41. Does HPS offer Armor Rods?

  42. Does installing Greenjacket Guards affect the current-carrying capacity [ampacity] of conductors?

  43. Does PCORE supply the gasket / o-ring for use between the bushing & equipment?

  44. Does the product warranty cover Greenjacket installed on higher voltages?

  45. Explain why you have air gap built into Reliaguards.

  46. For Opti-Loop® snow shoes used on ADSS cable, is the stored cable under tension?

  47. How are Greenjacket Guards maintained over their life cycle?

  48. How are grounds installed once cover-up has been applied?

  49. How can you offer substation connectors which are made to order this fast through Quick Ship?

  50. How do Greenjacket Guards affect our ability to IR scan bolted connections?

  51. How do I determine the correct size Opti-Loop® FOS assembly for a deployment?

  52. How do I determine the holding capacity of an anchor?

  53. How do I determine the interrupt rating of a fuse link?

  54. How do I determine the voltage rating of a fuse link?

  55. How do I get to the new website?

  56. How do I install the RFL™ eXmux VNMS?

  57. How do I know if a part can be Quick Shipped?

  58. How do I locate my local RFL™ brand product sales representative?

  59. How do I register for an RFL Downloads Account?

  60. How do I request a quote for RFL™ brand products?

  61. How do I request repair services for my RFL™ brand product?

  62. How do I use the pressure relief rating value in making my arrester selection?

  63. How do I view pricing and availability information?

  64. How do Reliaguards hold up in severe cold weather?

  65. How do you calculate BIL for your Transmission insulators?

  66. How do you properly crimp a compression connector?

  67. How do you remove the Reliaguard's fastener pins?

  68. How does Greenjacket provide protection from bird and animal-caused outages?

  69. How does MCOV / COV (UC) rating differ from Duty Cycle rating?

  70. How long has PCORE been manufacturing bushings?

  71. How long have Reliaguard products been in the field?

  72. How long is the Reliaguard warranty?

  73. How many Opti-Loop® FOS snow shoes do I need for my new deployment, and how much reserve fiber can each one store?

  74. How much line current does the Versa-Tech need to operate?

  75. How much tension should be applied to set the jaws in an automatic splice?

  76. How often do I need to electrically re-test my hotsticks, gloves, blankets, and grounds?

  77. How often should my CHANCE voltage detectors be sent in for calibration?

  78. How often should PCORE bushings be tested?

  79. How should a high voltage (115kV-230kV) POC bushings be stored?

  80. How should a low voltage (15kV – 69kV) POC bushings be stored?

  81. How should a PRC bushing be stored?

  82. How should an EHV (345kV -500KV) POC bushings be stored?

  83. How soon after material is allocated will it ship?

  84. I need a part desperately! Can I get it in less than 5 days through Quick Ship?

  85. I want to avoid corrosion when dissimilar metals are connected together. How can I do this?

  86. In today's environment, how secure are Versa-Tech's WiFi settings?

  87. Is additional creep or leakage distance on cutout designs only necessary near coastal areas?

  88. Is going away?

  89. Is PCORE Electric an ISO Certified Company?

  90. Is the eCat going away?

  91. Is there a risk to applying oversized GreyEEL?

  92. Is there a risk to applying oversized GreyEEL?

  93. Is there a standard which dictates the use of color bands for toughened glass bell suspension insulators?

  94. Other than protecting the cable's bend radius, what are other advantages of Opti-Loop® FOS snow shoes?

  95. Should power factor correction factors be used with PCORE bushings?

  96. Should Reliaguards be installed enclosing more than one insulator skirt?

  97. There are multiple terms in the catalog tables presenting data on various distances. What do each of these terms mean?

  98. What are benefits of PCORE’s bushing technologies?

  99. What are cable accessories / underground separable connectors?

  100. What are clues that a part may be a Substation Connector?

  101. What are some of the differences between the Versa-Tech LT, Versa-Tech I, Versa-Tech II, and Versa-Tech XC?

  102. What are the average power factor limits on PRC & POC bushings?

  103. What are the cable cutback dimensions for loadbreak elbows?

  104. What are the competitive advantages of Greenjacket?

  105. What are the current limits for draw-lead connected bushings?

  106. What are the recommended testing modes?

  107. What are the thermal characteristics of the Greenjacket material?

  108. What are your testing capabilities?

  109. What bushings are candidates for repair?

  110. What can be done in the field to eliminate testing issues / abnormalities?

  111. What different designs of the test terminal are available?

  112. What do I need to know to select a transmission insulator?

  113. What do the different colors signify?

  114. What does FR V-0 mean?

  115. What does it mean if material is “allocated”?

  116. What does MCOV or COV (UC) rating of a surge arrester mean?

  117. What does MCOV rating of a surge arrester mean?

  118. What does Quadri*Sil™ stand for?

  119. What elevation are PCORE bushings rated for?

  120. What exactly does IEEE 1656 mean? Do other manufacturers have IEEE 1656 compliant guards?

  121. What field testing does Hubbell Power Systems recommend for distribution arresters?

  122. What if the arrester does not have the minimum leakage (creep) distance needed for my application?

  123. What information do I need to provide when replacing a bushing?

  124. What information is included on the arrester nameplates?

  125. What is a 'C' pad?

  126. What is a PCORE POC bushing?

  127. What is a PCORE PRC bushing?

  128. What is a PCORE Quick Link bushing?

  129. What is a PCORE Test Terminal?

  130. What is an arc shortening rod?

  131. What is an Oil Free PRC bushing?

  132. What is corona?

  133. What is Greenjacket made of?

  134. What is PCORE’s product offering?

  135. What is the average life span of the Quadri*Sil™ insulators?

  136. What is the best phasing set to use for phasing and DC hi-pot testing?

  137. What is the difference between a grading ring and a corona ring?

  138. What is the difference between a station class and an intermediate arrester?

  139. What is the difference between an elbow and parkingstand lightning arrester?

  140. What is the difference between full tension, partial tension, and minimum tension?

  141. What is the difference between the Link Break and Load Break cutouts?

  142. What is the difference between the solid head and removable head fuse links?

  143. What is the Hubbell Emergency Action Team?

  144. What is the interrupt rating of the Type QH and Type STH fuse links?

  145. What is the max opperating temperature for Fargo® Compression Connectors?

  146. What is the maximum ACSR conductor temperature for Fargo® Two-Die type Compression Connectors?

  147. What is the maximum ACSS conductor temperature for Fargo® Two-Die type Compression Connectors?

  148. What is the maximum conductor temperature for Fargo® Single-Die type ACSR Compression Connectors?

  149. What is the Mechanical Assist Spring?

  150. What is the pass/fail criteria for hotsticks using the CHANCE Hotstick tester?

  151. What is the PCB level that is acceptable to ship a bushing to PCORE?

  152. What is the proper orientation for corona rings?

  153. What is the purpose of an underground arrester?

  154. What is the recommended torque for the terminal when connecting copper leads to a cutout?

  155. What is the recommended torque rating for hardware bolts?

  156. What is the standard lead wire length type?

  157. What is the test point used for?

  158. What is the torque value for the bolts of the P250 and P300 bases?

  159. What is the voltage rating of the Type QH and Type STH fuse links?

  160. What is used to secure Reliaguard pole wrap?

  161. What makes your Bonded SR insulator better?

  162. What options do you offer for your Connectors?

  163. What routine maintenance and testing does Hubbell Power Systems recommend for station class surge arresters?

  164. What routine maintenance does Hubbell Power Systems recommend for distribution arresters?

  165. What rubber is used for loadbreak/deadbreak elbows?

  166. What should the oil level be in the sight glass of a PCORE bushing?

  167. What size wires can be attached using the provided terminal?

  168. What standards does PCORE manufacture it’s bushings to?

  169. What test reports are available for fuse links?

  170. What test reports do you have for Type QH and Type STH fuse links?

  171. What test result have been achieved by Greenjacket?

  172. What tests does PCORE recommend be performed on a bushing in the field?

  173. What things do I need to know to order elbows?

  174. What tools are required to install CHANCE Square Shaft Anchors?

  175. What tools are required to install PISA style anchors?

  176. What types of Substation Connectors do you offer?

  177. What's so critical about the Greenjacket Guard fit?

  178. What's the rating on the tape, how many layers do you recommend?

  179. When are CHANCE H-rated grounding components manufactured to ASTM F855 Table 2 required to be used for temporary protective grounding?

  180. When I try to install the IMUX 2000 VNMS version 3.2 in Windows 10, the installation aborts prematurely. Is there a fix for this?

  181. When should you be concerned with power factor and capacitance test results of a PCORE bushing?

  182. Whenever I get into an emergency, I find that expedites from vendors can be ridiculously expensive. Can I afford your Quick Ship items?

  183. Where are our toughened glass bell suspension insulators manufactured?

  184. Where are the prices listed for RFL™ brand products?

  185. Where can I find firmware updates for my RFL™ brand equipment?

  186. Where can I find older CONNECT™ webinar recordings?

  187. Where can I find RFL™ brand product bulletins, notices and announcements?

  188. Where can I find RFL™ brand product manuals?

  189. Where can I find RFL™ brand Quick Start Guides?

  190. Where can I find RFL™ brand software updates?

  191. Where did Reliaguard conduct the UV Test? Was it as hot and sunny as Arizona?

  192. Where is PCORE Electric, Inc. located?

  193. Which is better a fast or a slow fuse link?

  194. Why are Greenjacket guards green?

  195. Why can’t I access my RFL™ downloads account?

  196. Why do some toughened glass bell suspension insulators have color bands applied to them?

  197. Why does Reliaguard have mesh and solid guard designs?

  198. Why is it important to have the cable specifications when ordering these products?

  199. Why is reserve fiber optic cable storage important?

  200. Why is the system grounding type important to consider when selecting the MCOV rating?

  201. Why is the Versa-Tech designed the way it is, such a departure from what we would normally see with the core standard recloser design?

  202. Why would a few gaps or holes matter?

  203. Why would I want to have zinc sleeves added to the pins of my toughened glass bell suspension insulators?

  204. Will CHANCE® fuse links work in all cutouts with arc shortening rods?

  205. Will my saved Favorites and Bookmarks still work?

  206. Will the Type QH and Type STH fuse links be available in both the Solid Head and Removable Head versions?

  207. Will the Type QH and Type STH fuse links be suitable for use in Link Break and Load Break cutouts?

  208. Will the Type QH and Type STH fuse links work in all cutouts with arc shortening rods?

  209. Will the Type QH and Type STH fuse links work with the cutouts that have the Mechanical Assist Spring option?

  210. Will the URL still work?

  211. Will the web apps/tools still be available after the full redirect?

  212. Will there be any additional curves or user modifiers available for the Versa-Tech?

  213. With regards to Versa-Tech's battery management, there have been various iterations of firmware that have been made available for different reasons and for different functions in the lifespan of the product lines. What are the different firmware versions of the Versa-Tech and which one should be used?

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