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Wildlife Mitigation

  1. How does Greenjacket provide protection from bird and animal-caused outages?

  2. What are the competitive advantages of Greenjacket?

  3. What's so critical about the Greenjacket Guard fit?

  4. Why would a few gaps or holes matter?

  5. What is Greenjacket made of?

  6. Why are Greenjacket guards green?

  7. How do Greenjacket Guards affect our ability to IR scan bolted connections?

  8. Does installing Greenjacket Guards affect the current-carrying capacity [ampacity] of conductors?

  9. Can Greenjacket Guards be installed on energized equipment?

  10. What are the thermal characteristics of the Greenjacket material?

  11. How are grounds installed once cover-up has been applied?

  12. Does Greenjacket cover-up affect the temperature rise of the equipment to which it is applied?

  13. What test result have been achieved by Greenjacket?

  14. How are Greenjacket Guards maintained over their life cycle?

  15. Is there a risk to applying oversized GreyEEL?

  16. Can Greenjacket protect equipment at higher voltages than 38kv?

  17. Does the product warranty cover Greenjacket installed on higher voltages?

  18. How long is the Reliaguard warranty?

  19. How long have Reliaguard products been in the field?

  20. Why does Reliaguard have mesh and solid guard designs?

  21. Can you IR scan through the solid?

  22. What does FR V-0 mean?

  23. What exactly does IEEE 1656 mean? Do other manufacturers have IEEE 1656 compliant guards?

  24. How do Reliaguards hold up in severe cold weather?

  25. Explain why you have air gap built into Reliaguards.

  26. Can contaminants stick to Reliaguards and cause cracking?

  27. Can we use Reliaguards above 38kv?

  28. Where did Reliaguard conduct the UV Test? Was it as hot and sunny as Arizona?

  29. Should Reliaguards be installed enclosing more than one insulator skirt?

  30. How do you remove the Reliaguard's fastener pins?

  31. What is used to secure Reliaguard pole wrap?

  32. Is there a risk to applying oversized GreyEEL?

  33. Does GreyEEL burn?

  34. What's the rating on the tape, how many layers do you recommend?

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