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Will there be any additional curves or user modifiers available for the Versa-Tech?

With regards to the Versa-Tech II and the Versa-Tech XC, Hubbell does not plan to add anymore standard, or pre-programmed, curves at this point. In those two specific models there are four user configurable curve slots, meaning that a user can import any curve points as well as enter A, B, P values to have the TCC Editor calculate a curve. And, users can store up to 50 custom curves in the UI and then load those curves in sets of 4 to the recloser memory, as needed.

Looking at the Versa-Tech I and the Versa-Tech LT, the curves made available in both of those devices, are the only ones available. There are 11 standard curves, which correspond to the industry standard electronic reclosers curves: A, B, C, D, N, R, etc., and 4 ANSI and/or IEEE.  For those 11 standard curves and 4 additional curves, there are also preset modifiers.  

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