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How do I install the RFL™ eXmux VNMS?

The eXmux VNMS application (7.0 or higher) is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems (Windows XP is not supported). Because you have correctly entered the activation key and confirmed that your laptop and eXmux 3501 units are all on the same subnet it is likely a possible firewall issue on your laptop. It is best if you have administrative rights on your laptop but if you do not then you likely will have to engage your system administrator to assist with getting the proper privileges setup to allow the VNMS application to run properly. You can attempt to ping the eXmux 3501 that your laptop is plugged into but you will have to verify that your firewall will allow the VNMS application and required ports through in order to operate properly.

Either you or the system administrator may need to modify any applicable computer’s firewall rules in order for the VNMS application to work properly. The table below lists the network ports/applications that need to be opened in the firewall for the eXmux VNMS application to function correctly:

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