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What is a PCORE Test Terminal?

A PCORE test terminal makes it possible to perform field dielectric tests of substation equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers and bushings faster, safer and at a substantial savings. These are the benefits that utilities are already experiencing as they turn to the PCORE test terminal and regular field dielectric tests as a means of extending the service life of existing equipment.

A test terminal functions as an electrical switch permanently connected in series between the power bus and the equipment to be tested. It eliminates the need to physically remove the power bus during testing which speeds up the testing process. In the closed position, the PCORE Test Terminal permits electrical power to be transferred between the power bus and the equipment.

Loosening the bolts on the test terminal side blades once the system has been properly de-energized for testing only takes a matter of minutes. Depending on the equipment being tested and its location, testing can often be accomplished without a boom or buck truck or extra personnel.

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