What is the difference between the Link Break and Load Break cutouts?

Both Link Break and Load Break cutouts can interrupt load currents. To interrupt load using a Link Break cutout, the lever on the Link Break cutout is pulled downward forcefully. This pulls apart the fuse link inside the fuse holder interrupting the load current and allowing the fuse holder to drop open. The fuse link must be replaced prior to closing in for each operation. To interrupt load using the Load Break cutout, the fuse holder is pulled away from the top contact. As this occurs, the current path diverts and is now through the auxiliary blade. As the fuse holder is pulled further away, the arc that forms will be then be extinguished in between the arc chutes. This prevents damage to fuse holder cap and top contact. No change of fuse link is necessary for each operation as the fuse link stays intact. So, if a high number of operations is expected, it may be more economical for the end user to select the Load Break cutout for their system application.

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