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How are Greenjacket Guards maintained over their life cycle?

Very little maintenance is required other than periodic inspection for Greenjacket guards. 

  • Greenjacket guards can be removed and reinstalled on equipment that requires regular inspection and maintenance. Before removing a cover, note its position and orientation relative to the underlying equipment and any corresponding or coupled parts. It’s important that guards be reinstalled in the same way that they were intended to fit. Taking an image of the cover prior to removal can be useful in verifying the correct fit. A simple mistake such as reinstalling a cover over several insulator flights can significantly diminish the insulator’s BIL rating.
  • Sometimes drainage hole locations can’t be predicted until guards are installed onto equipment. Drainage holes should be field drilled on the lowest point of covers, where most appropriate, at the time of installation.
  • Greenjacket push fasteners can only be used once and need to be cut to be removed. Extra push fasteners are provided with every order and more can be obtained from Greenjacket as needed.
  • Tracking caused by contamination places severe electrical stress on the surface of installed cover-up which can result in a flashover. When contaminated insulators/ equipment require washing, Greenjacket guards should also be inspected and cleaned in the same fashion. Careful attention should be taken to ensure guards are not dislodged while being cleaned and that their original intended position is maintained.
  • Greenjacket guards should never be reinstalled on damaged or malfunctioning equipment. 
Test results are available upon request.

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